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About Us


Bliss Bakery Gluten Free

A Gluten Free Baking Story

Being diagnosed coeliac led to a new attitude towards food… what was safe and what wasn’t. I started thinking about gluten-free baking

The trouble was, safe food didn’t always taste that great. This led to a search for gluten-free options that wouldn’t disappoint.

After running a successful catering business in Hamilton since 2011, I felt the time had come to branch into an exclusive gluten-free bakery. Bliss Bakery opened its doors in October 2020, welcoming a diverse range of customers who inspired us to provide the best we could to meet their needs. 

We were privileged to hear their stories as they shared their gluten-free journey.

The season for our physical shop at Queenwood Village has ended. We now offer an online range of gluten-free (some dairy-free) products for you to order. 

Bliss Bakery continues to provide gluten-free baking that looks exquisite and tastes delicious.

Bliss – joy of heaven. 

Kate - Bliss Bakery




Kate Baird

Proprietor Bliss Bakery


To create beautiful gluten-free food with superior taste, texture, quality and flavour that lifts the spirit as well as the body.


We mix our own gluten-free flour blends which include wholegrains such as brown rice, millet and sorghum. These ingredients not only taste better but also result in a higher quality and more satisfying product.


We bake the best gluten-free breads, pastries, savoury and sweet treats. Our products are freshly made so we do not use artificial preservatives.


All our items are freshly handcrafted in our gluten-free bakery in Hamilton,  ensuring there is no cross-contamination from gluten!


Bliss Bakery flours have been submitted to independent laboratory testing and certified gluten free (less than 3 parts per million) View Certificate.

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