Brooke Loaf Seeded


Multi-seeded Brooke Loaf – gluten and dairy free

720g (raw weight)

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Multi-Seeded Gluten free bread studded with the goodness of pumpkin, sunflower, buckwheat, linseed and black sesame seeds topped off with a toasting of white sesame.
This is the bread to choose when you want your something a bit more substantial to get you through your day.


Water, flours;-sorghum, brown and white rice, Starches;– tapioca, potato, canola oil, seeds;-sunflower ,pumpkin, brown linseed , sesame, fresh eggs, yeast, buckwheat, chia, gums;- xanthum, guar, raw sugar, salt, psyllium, cider vinegar, baking powder, citric acid


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