Chia and Sesame Bread Rolls (gf df)


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Unique to Bliss Bakery, these bread rolls are our most sought after item.

Made with a mix of wholegrain and white flours, fortified with linseed and chia, these bread rolls are very versatile. Great for school lunches or an easy snack to compliment your evening meal. They are very moist, won’t crumble and will keep fresh for two to three days when stored in an air-tight container (not fridge). 

For added convenience, seal and store in the freezer. Allow to defrost at room temperature one to two hours then enjoy.


Water, flours-sorghum, brown and white rice, Starches – tapioca, potato, canola oil, fresh eggs, linseed, yeast, chia, gums- xanthum, guar, raw sugar, salt, psyllium, cider vinegar,  baking powder, sesame seeds.

Baking aid: Canola oil spray (contains soy lecithin).

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